Building a Play app on java12

(Arnaud Pflieger) #1


I am trying to migrate to java12 for a while now and I am a bit stuck. For those who would try this, here’s what I’ve done so far :

My build fails on errors like this:

object html is not a member of package..

Apparently, my twirl templates are missing from the classpath.
After that, I downgraded java to 10 (which I use in production), I get the same error. The play sbt-plugin might have a problem with the future release of SBT.
I tried to make it work with my current version of SBT of course (1.2.8) but it has an other problem with java12

Did anyone try this?

(Matthias Kurz) #2

You are hitting a bug in sbt 1.3:
I guess you have to wait for the final release.
However, using Java 12 will cause other problems. I at least recommend to upgrade to Scala 2.13.0 when it comes out.

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(Arnaud Pflieger) #3

Thanks. Can’t wait!