CA certificate Cassandra connection

We are trying to configure our Cassandra connection (for akka-persistence-cassandra) to a Cassandra cluster (hosted by Aiven) providing only a CA Certificate (ca.pem).

In the reference.conf file, I don’t see any configuration in which we can associate the ca.pem file provided by the host (Aiven).

Could someone please tell us how to proceed?

Thank you.

Hi @SynappsGiteau,

Did you try setting truststore.path?

Keep in mind that lagom creates 3 different connections to Cassandra for journal, snapshots and read-side so you will need to set that up under three different namespaces on the settings.


I tried that but I got this error : Invalid keystore format

From what I know, I can’t create a trustore using only the ca.pem certificate (without the key).

I found the solution (obvious…). I just created a trustore with the following command:

keytool -import -alias test -file test.cert.pem -keystore truststore

Thanks for your help :)

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