Calling AkkaService class from another class

In akka version 2.5.2, I implemented to call akka actor using Patters.ask which return the Futures as you can see in below example.

                Future<Task> future = (Future<Task>)(Future<?>)Patterns
                        .ask(workerActor, TaskRequest, totalAskTimeout);

Currently , I am implementing the akka cluster actor using akka-typed-2.13 version 2.6.4 where actors are replaced with behaviors.So I have below service actor which return the response but how can I use this response to pass in the another class which is not static or akka class.

Below is my example, ServiceResponse will be called as call back but how can I call this method from another class which is implemented as rest service. In other words, I want to call RunService (which is implemented as below ) from the rest service ClientRequest.

  public static Behavior<Event> create(ActorRef<RunService.RunFactorialNumber> service) {
        return Behaviors.setup(context ->
          Behaviors.withTimers(timers -> {
            timers.startTimerWithFixedDelay(Tick.INSTANCE, Tick.INSTANCE, Duration.ofSeconds(100));
            ActorRef<RunService.Response> responseAdapter =
                context.messageAdapter(RunService.Response.class, ServiceResponse::new);

            return Behaviors.receive(Event.class)
                .onMessageEquals(Tick.INSTANCE, () -> {
                  context.getLog().info("Sending process request");
                  int fib =111;
                  service.tell(new RunService.RunFactorialNumber(fib++, responseAdapter));
                  return Behaviors.same();
                }).onMessage(ServiceResponse.class, response -> {
                  context.getLog().info("Service result: {}", response.result);
                  return Behaviors.same();
public class MyTask {	
	private Map<String, Task> sendMsgToWorkerActors(
            RequestParam params, Timeout totalAskTimeout) {
        Map<String, TaskResult> taskResultsMap = new HashMap<>();
        for (Job job : param.getJob()) {
            try {				
                TaskResult res = evaluateTheJob(job);			   
                taskResultsMap.put(job.getId(), res);
            } catch (Exception e) {
                LOGGER.error("Failed ASKing Task from Worker Actors", e);
        return taskResultsMap;

I want to replace above method to below

private Map<String, Task> sendMsgToWorkerActors(
            RequestParam params, Timeout totalAskTimeout) {
        //Call Akka service which returns the map which I implemented but I don't know how to call this 
service here without having reference of Behavior