Can we follow Contract First approach for lagom Services

Hi Team ,

We are using the RAML .

And the lagom service is not coded accordign to the RAML .

Is either way possible , i.e either generate the LAGOM API from RAML or generate RAML from LAGOM API .

If not RAML swagger document generation would also help .

Please let me know if there is any maven plugin for the same , and please provide some reference.

Thanks and Regards ,
Ramya S


Swagger already discussed on this forum.
All the links you can find in this topic Lagom REST API documentation.

I know only one change. We decided to implement a runtime generator of Swagger documentation for Lagom Java DSL. And share it soon :wink:

Best regards,
Sergey Morgunov

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We are back and decide support Lagom Scala DSL too. :smile:

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