Can we use Akka cluster with Netflix eureka for node discovery?

I am currently working on a spring boot micro-service which uses Netflix eureka for service discovery and communication with other micro-services. I want to include Akka cluster in my micro-service so that load can be distributed between Akka actors present on all nodes in the cluster.

I wanted to understand if we can use netflix eureka with akka cluster for node discovery or is there any other way?

Hi @Gurunath,

In principle, yes you can. I’m not aware of any existing implementation tough.

But you can bake your own!
You will need to have a implementation of for Netflix Eureka.

And then, you need to configure Akka Cluster Bootstrap ( to use your implementation.

Note that the Service Discovery is being moved to Akka core project.

Next version of Akka Management will use the one from core and you will have to adapt your code a little bit.



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