Case Studies of Alpakka Kafka connector

Hi there,

I’m currently looking into using Alpakka Kafka in a stream processing application that consumes messages from Kafka and publish them while respecting downstream back-pressure.

What I am looking for is a list of case studies/companies that have been running Alpakka Kafka connector in production. Does such a list exist?

I’ve gone through the Lightbend case studies page, and see a lot of references to akka-streams and kafka, but couldn’t find a specific reference to Alpakka Kafka connector.

This info would help me back up the adoption of Akka Streams/Alpakka over some other reactive streams library or going for an in-house built solution.

thank you for your help!

The Alpakka Kafka connector was formerly called “Akka Streams Kafka” until fairly recently. Most of the case studies you have found that refer to Akka Streams and Kafka are most likely about an earlier version of the same library.