Cassandra (G)UI for macos

A not so technical and Lagom specific question: Which Cassandra GUI do you use under macos to browse etc. a Cassandra Db?

Actually it is not about a graphical user interface but about a user interface in general. Say, a command line client will do as well.

Basically my question is: Is there any tool to /investigate an event store/ persisted in a Cassandra database? In this turn I also want to deserialize the persisted events.

Or is this is the wrong approach and one rather has to set up a Read-Side Processor?

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I can’t figure out the details right now from memory, but you should have a cassandra command line client, cql, available with Cassandra distribution.

That’s the simplest thing you can get.

Don’t know about other clients and tooling, but would be interested myself.

Some Lagom users have reported good experiences with DBeaver EE.

(I haven’t tried it myself.)

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Thanks guys. Will have a look!

Just to let you know, I checked DBeaver EE and it is a really good tool for those purposes. I can second the experiences of the others.