Change state after external api call

I have the following scenario:

  1. In service impl, i receive a request
  2. I perform some validation using the state
  3. If validation succeeds, i need to make an external call (not in lagom microservice)
    ( this will be made in impl afaik, as asynchronous web service calls from persistent entity are not allowed…)
  4. if that external call is successful, i need to change the state.

I am not able to figure out how the command handler will wait for the external call to complete successfully and emit the event to change state.
Am i missing something?

I assume you can’t process any other command when waiting for the validation and completing the first command? Then I suggest that you use stashing with Akka EventSourcedBehavior. Lagom - Domain Modelling with Akka Persistence Typed

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Regardless of if incoming commands need to wait (be stashed) or not, the pattern to use for the external request is “Send Future result to self”. See the docs here: Interaction Patterns • Akka Documentation. In essence, the actor makes an external call and the result is sent back to the actor as message (think command) “some time later”.