Cluster HTTP Management without Akka Cluster Bootstrap

I keep getting an error:

No default service discovery implementation configured in akka.discovery.method. Make sure to configure this setting to your preferred implementation such as ‘akka-dns’ in your application.conf (from the akka-discovery module).

when trying to enable Cluster HTTP Management in order to move away from JMX and CLI. We also currently use the traditional Netty and seed node configuration for our Akka cluster bootstrapping.

So as a point of clarification, is it a hard requirement that we also move to Akka Cluster Bootstrap before we can successfully use Cluster HTTP Management? The documentation did’t really make that explicit.

No, these are independent modules.

Interestingly, there is an indirect dependency. The configuration parameter:

akka.discovery.method = config

must be added to application.conf if Cluster HTTP Management is used. Otherwise we get an error when AkkaManagement.get(system).start() is invoked. If AkkaManagement is not used at all (legacy cluster configuration using Netty port and seed nodes), then this parameter is not required.

@dlmutart I can’t reproduce that. Tried with the instructions in the documentation.

Have you also added the bootstrap dependencies? Then it will require that configuration for the discovery method. Try without bootstrap dependency.