Code walkthrough video

I was wondering if there was a code walkthrough video that I can use for understanding the sample applications (Chirper and Onine Auction) ? if not, requesting the owners to create 1 where beginners like me can leverage from the code walkthrough video involving everything like creating front end, calling a microservice from the front end, how persistance is happening, how reading of data is happening etc

This will really help others like me too.

I can highly recommend viewing session “What can Lagom do for you?” of @octonato

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There is also this presentation from James Roper:


Really appreciate your replies. But I was specifically looking for a video on sample applications (Online Auction and Chirper) wherein we could see how the code is dealing with creating front ends, calling microservices from front end, persistence etc.

@vimalmishrra, we don’t have plans to produce videos for that. This will require a lot of time that we could invest in some other improvements.

Other then the talks already suggested here, I can recommend the online classes produced by Lightbend on the topic of Reactive Architecture.

This will give a very good insight of the architectural principles embraced by Lagom.