Codegen appears to conflict with HasDatabaseConfigProvider

trait DAOSlick extends Tables with HasDatabaseConfigProvider[JdbcProfile]
using Tables generated by the codegen results in this error message:
[error] /Users/larrysimon/Sites/tec/app/models/daos/DAOSlick.scala:9:7: overriding value profile in trait Tables of type slick.jdbc.JdbcProfile;
[error] lazy value profile in trait HasDatabaseConfig of type slick.jdbc.JdbcProfile has weaker access privileges; it should be public
[error] trait DAOSlick extends HasDatabaseConfigProvider[JdbcProfile] with Tables
[error] ^
I’m guessing because Tables has the statement:
val profile: slick.jdbc.JdbcProfile
and HasDatabaseConfig has:
protected final lazy val profile: …
Am I right? Is this a bug?

Oop, dup of Using play-slick and slick-codegen where there is a solution.