Communication with two Node in same or different cluster


I have two node in my setup, one with role “frontend” another with “backend”.

Now I have two option to communicate from “frontend” -> “backend”

  1. First is to create two different cluster say Cluster_1 for “frontend” and Cluster_2 for “backend” and use Cluster receptionist concept for communication.
  2. Second is to put them under same cluster and use cluster aware router concept for communication.

I am not sure about the pros and cons of above two methods or if there is any other better solution.


I’d say that you should carefully consider what is the upsides and downsides for your application with the respective solution and weigh them against each other. Neither is wrong per se and would fit for some use cases.

If you decide you want to go with two clusters I’d recommend that you avoid the cluster receptionist and instead choose some other form of communication between the clusters (HTTP, gRPC etc) to make the two clusters more loosely coupled.