Comparison of lagom service locators

Hello guys,

I would like to better understand which one of the following two service discovery frameworks is more recommended over the other, and why. If there is any particular context that one should be favored over the other and so on.

If the target deployment environment is Kubernetes on AWS or GKE, which one would be better and why?

Zookeeper based, developed by jboner

DNS based, developed by lightbend



Hi @lejoow,

If you’re targeting Kubernetes, I highly recommend looking at the new Lightbend Orchestration tooling. It’s all open source and free to use, and is the preferred solution for running Lagom services on Kubernetes. It includes all of the functionality of service-locator-dns, which is now effectively deprecated.

The lagom-service-locator-zookeeper project is a proof of concept but it is not actively maintained. I would only recommend using it if you are deploying to an existing environment that already relies on ZooKeeper for service discovery. This would not apply to most Kubernetes users, as Kubernetes has its own built-in service management and discovery capabilities.

Thanks! this looks really great!