Configure Lagom to work with SSL/TLS connections

Is it possible to configure Lagom to work with SSL/TLS connections?

I developed web client application using ReactJs and it works as expected with http requests.
But, now I need to secure my client-server communication protocol using https requests.
So, I created keystore, trustor and certificate files using Java KeyTool and install the certificate on my browser.
I tried to configure my Lagom back-end to listen to the https requests with no success.
Also, I tried and failed to find play and akka workarounds.

p.s. - back-end is Maven Java project.

Thanks for the help,

Hi @yanivk,

(apologies for the delay, it’s vacation season in spain)

there are several considerations when settings up SSL in Lagom:

  1. in Lagom dev mode (mvn lagom:runAll) you may be targetting the service gateway (usually on port 9000)
    or you may be targeting the Lagom service directly. In that case, the TLS setting differs.
  2. lagom’s dev mode uses a particular trick to start which means the server settings are slightly different than those you’d use in production so some values in application.conf are ignored (specially if they are tuning the Server)
  3. the SSL setup will differ in dev mode and production. In production it’s not uncommon to terminate TLS on the the HTTP proxy exposing the services to the outside world.

We are about to release Lagom 1.5.0-M3 which introduces SSL support in dev mode. the release should be early next week. It may solve all the issues you are facing at the moment.