Connecting remotely to akka from an other (simplx) actor model system


I am doing a Proof Of Concept, to connect an akka system through aeron:udp to an other actor model system in c++ (related talk: | sources:

Is there an existing documentation about complete handshake protocole, keep alive protocole, and any other lowlevel communication protocol that whould be requiered.


Rather than reimplementing the Akka remote protocol, I would recommend putting a standard communication layer between the two systems, such as HTTP or gRPC with protocol buffer serialization of messages.

Hi Tim,
HTTP and gRPC would work but require to implement, with Akka, the actor routing logic, while I guess it has been well and fully designed already. Are you aware of any related documentation ?
It would be really interesting and would allow efficient integration with other frameworks.

The Akka remoting protocol is designed intra node communication inside a cluster rather than between clusters and should not be seen as a general purpose intercom protocol, just like tim says. I’d recommend against going down that path and just like Tim says, aim for some other intercommunication protocol.

If you decide you want more excitement and or pain in your life and go there anyways, there is no formal protocol description, you’ll have to look at the sources.

Thank you guys for your quick answers.