Controller getting called twice in play 2.7.x

Hi everyone,

I am using Play 2.7.x.
When I make a post-call using the controller is getting called twice.
I tried to post using postman, the controller is still getting called twice.

The controller is getting triggered only once if the payload has only one “type”. Below is a sample payload.

Sample Payload when controller getting called once -

Selection[1] {3}

Called twice

Selection[1] {3}
(When there are greater than 3 types controller triggered twice)

There is another issue where the controller gets called twice when actions take more than 100 sec to respond (link below). But in my case, the response doesn’t take that long and the controller gets triggered twice anyway.

I double-checked the front end, we are calling this controller only once.
Did anyone else face a similar issue, if so how did you handle it?
Any help is appreciated.

Please let me know in case anything else is needed from me.

Thank you,