Create and publish a module to Maven repository

Hi! I am new to building modules in play, I have done a SDK to use some mailing API, any Idea on how could I extract that module and publish it to Maven Repository so anyone can import it in their build.sbt?

actually publishing to maven central might not be “easy”.

First of all you need to follow the OSSRH Guide to get a Maven Central Account.
You probably also need to have a domain where you can publish your project. If you use github, you can use your github account as a domain i.e. with your github name danielflorez9612 the domain/groupId you would use to publish your sonatype project would be com.github.danielflorez9612 (You can use that to register to Sonatype)

After that you need to publish your project. It’s probably good to use sbt-sonatype and sbt-pgp

Just follow the readme’s of both projects and keep in mind that you need to upload your gpg public key to a valid keyserver, before publishing to sonatype.

You might want to check out this sbt plugin: The plugin itself is new so I haven’t used it yet, but really like the idea of doing the releases through Travis CI. The README also contains a detailed guide on setting up releases through Sonatype.