Creating a changelog as part of `sbt release`?

Hi all,

I’m using to release versions of code, and one of the things that the docs mention is adding release notes with sbt-posterous

It looks like posterous is long dead, and I’m not aware of any tool that is used to write up or check release notes or changelogs.

Requirements are minimal – basically I need something to check the file and verify that there is a header with the version string in there i.e. “0.1.13” and if not, bring up an editor that doesn’t let the release proceed until it finds the right string.

Any tips? but for GitHub releases might be an interesting community project.

Also see

Take a look also at this plugin (disclaimer: I’m the author):

It doesn’t read changelog the way you describe, but adheres to the convention used by the mentioned above herald: release notes for each version are stored in notes/<version>.markdown. But this is just a default and the notes source can be configured to anything. There’s even an open issue to parse changelog:

I’ve been using this plugin for quite some time as a part of the release process, first with the sbt-release, then with another similar plugin which would check the presence of notes and suggest you to add them if they are missing.