Creating free training for Play Framework - advice requested

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a site - built in play framework, actually. I wanted to make a learning platform where the more you learnt, the better you progressed in (an admittedly, because I’m no game designer) the underlying game. It’s at if you’re interested.

Right now it’s pretty simple, and it focuses on Java - I wanted to add a Play section too. It would be similar to the Java section in the sense of it would mostly be memorising the main methods/calls/functions/concepts etc. (There are other modules in the works, but for now that’s it.)

I don’t particularly want to write all the tutorial sections though (as I am for Java) - would it be ok to re-use the existing play documentation, and also work with some of the more involved members here to discuss what would be good to focus training in Play on?