Creating typed actor from classic actor system

I have read multiple times the doc Coexistence • Akka Documentation
the only way to spawn a typed actor from behavior is by creating kind of proxy classic actor that will spawn it.
there is no direct way to spawn an actor from the actor system itself like:
classicActorSystem.spawn(typedActor, "my-typed-actor" )

Is that right to say it? if not can you please direct me on how to do it directly ?

Hi, to spawn a typed actor from the classic system there is a sample in that page about 3/4 in, no need for a proxy/inbetween parent actor.


val system = classic.ActorSystem("TypedWatchingClassic")
val typed = system.spawn(Typed.behavior, "Typed")


ActorSystem as = ActorSystem.create();
ActorRef<Typed.Command> typed = Adapter.spawn(as, Typed.create(), "Typed");