DataBinder - field access instead of using accessors

I am trying to disable play-enhancer plugin for my project. I guess removing it, means I won’t have getters and setters generated, which is fine. But turns out, even though my model classes have public fields, forms bindFromRequest method relays on getters. I am getting message like:

validated property 'x' does not have a corresponding accessor for data binding - check your DataBinder's configuration (bean property versus direct field access)

It should be simple thing to be able to switch binding to property access, but I am not able to find it in documentation. How do I do that?

Looks like this isn’t supported right now in Play.
I may add an option for this since I will touch the according code the next days anyway:

Thanks for looking into this. I think this option would be useful, not only for me.

Hey @jan, I provided a pull request which allows you to switch on direct field access for Java forms: