Debugging Lagom online-auction in IntelliJ

Help needed on how to run online-auction java project in debug mode in IntelliJ?

Hi kaarthiknva,

you should start sbt in debug mode (sbt -jvm-debug 5005) and then you can use IntelliJ’s deault features to connect to remote processes for debugging.


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Hi Ignasi,

Thanks and this worked.

Hi All,

@Thanks Ignasi. Yes it worked.

Just to be in detail, we need to do following steps:
First you need to create new Run/Debug configuration.
Goto Run -> Edit configuration
Click on plus icon -> Select remote
Enter the name you like
Ensure address is assigned to port 5005 (address=5005)
Select the module name you wanted to be in debug mode over ‚ÄúSearch sources using module‚Äôs classpath‚ÄĚ
Hit apply and ok
Select the newly created Run/Debug configuration on left right corner of IDE
Open termanal and hit
sbt -jvm-debug 5005 runAll
On IDE start newly created Run/Debug configuration as debug
Now you should able see breakpoints.

Other References
Remote debugging using IntelliJ


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I am using the Intellj Run Configuration to add sbt task runAll to debug.

remember two things:

  1. increase the circuit-breaker timeout = 10m
  2. increase the actor timeout
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