Default ActorMaterializer accessible from an ActorSystem


I was wondering if it’d make sense to have some kind of default instance of ActorMaterializer accessible from an ActorSystem. It might become handy to access it from the implicitly passed ActorSystem rather than implicitly pass both ActorMaterializer as well the ActorSystem or always create a new ActorMaterilizer (which is not recommended).


We discussed this at some point but it never really happened:
Probably a pretty good idea.

Then there’s also about getting rid of the materializer as user API or at least making it less prominent.

This one is also somewhat related, but the other way around, so to speak, accessing the actor system from custom graph stages:

Are there any plans to reicarnate this idea ? I like the Viktor Klang´s solution and agree it would be rather beneficial for the end users.

While I think we all agree it’s a pretty good idea it is not in our current priorities. As always contributions are very welcome. ;)

This was implemented in Akka 2.6.0

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