Default throughput for a dispatcher

If a dispatcher doesn’t have a throughput specified, what is the default throughput?

I looked in the Akka code and I think it is supposed to be 0 which means all messages in a mailbox will be processed before moving on, but elsewhere it looked like that wouldn’t be heeded and that the throughput would be 1. I see quite a few dispatchers in various plug-ins that use dispatchers without setting the throughput. A throughput of 0 vs. 1 is a huge difference.

All such defaults are defined in akka-actor’s reference.conf: :-)

Yes, I’m quite aware of the defaults in the default-dispatcher. My question was not about that. My question is what if the threshold isn’t set for a dispatcher in the config. Here are a couple of examples in plug-ins:

All dispatcher settings fall back to the default-dispatcher section if not specified.

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