Deploying Lagom on microk8s using Lightbend Orchestration

(Guilherme Zambon) #1

Hello guys - my first post here. Has anybody successfully deployed a lagom application on microk8s using Lightbend Orchestration? Is minikube the only supported Kubernetes implementation for Lightbend Orchestration?

I have been trying to deploy lagom on microk8s for some days and the best I get is an WARN during Akka Cluster Bootstraping (2018-11-27T07:59:06.103Z [warn] [, akkaSource=akka.tcp://application@, sourceActorSystem=application, akkaTimestamp=07:59:06.101UTC] - Resolve attempt failed! Cause: General SSLEngine problem
). On the API severver I see the following log message: Nov 27 16:10:43 zambot microk8s.daemon-apiserver[1185]: I1127 16:10:43.776388 1185 log.go:172] http: TLS handshake error from remote error: tls: unknown certificate. Checking, I see that there is no log other than this WARN, so I am stuck in here. Minikube is running too slow on my server (probably because it is contained on a virtualbox image), so it is not an option as well. If Kubernetes is not a valid option for Lagom on production, whats the recommendation for a bare-metal installation?

Best regards from Brazil!

(Guilherme Zambon) #2

For bare metal installations (dev environments), I recommend the use of the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes on LXC (CDK), which supports Linux Containers instead of VMs, being way more performant. Microk8s was my very first choice because it is an application instead of a VM or a set of containers, but I believe it is not supported because of its lack of security features and resources needed by the Lightbend Orchestation’s sbt-reactive-app plugin runtime. Also, be aware that if you are going with CDK, you’ll need to get familiarized with some additional technologies, as LXC, Juju Charms, flannel, among others.