Developing a peer-to-peer system with akka cluster


Is it feasible and advisable to develop a software system wherein computers interact with each other using akka cluster, and no intermediate server.

For something like, a software which enabes school students to have group study.

Each of the nodes in an Akka Cluster has pretty the right to send any message to any other node/actor in the cluster so for building a distributed/peer to peer system where all nodes cannot be trusted that is not a good fit.

Using Akka to build an application that uses some other way to find and communicate between peers can definitely be done, you could still benefit from actors/streams within the system but would have to define more explicit interaction with the other peers than just sending messages like with Akka Cluster.

I think security concerns are a major advantage of having a server. Peer-to-peer interaction without server would be very challenging in context of security.