Disable duplicate serializer id check


Is there a way to disable serialization id duplication check?

After merging this Detect duplicate serializer identifiers, #29100 by patriknw · Pull Request #29112 · akka/akka · GitHub fix (which cool and right thing to do, ofc)
we are not able to update to next akka version, because historically by mistake we started to use ser_id < 40
having our custom SnapshotSerializer

serialization-identifiers {
      "SnapshotSerializer" = 8

For some systems it may be not that easy to go and update ser_id to correct one for already existing entries.

What do you think about having config param that disables this check? Or, maybe, someone has ideas how to handle this.

Thanks in advance!

You can look in Akka’s reference.conf what serializers are conflicting with yours and then define new serializer ids for the Akka serializers in your application.conf

It’s important to make same changes in all systems.

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@patriknw Thank you!