discardEntityBytes and "Pending: Automatic discarding of not used entities"

Docs page: Implications of the streaming nature of Request/Response Entities

I’m trying to understand if discardEntityBytes still needs to be called on http responses? The bottom of the doc has “pending automatic discarding of not used entities” and it links to the closed issue 183 which leads to issue 1312 and it seems that went live in akka-http 10.0.11 and default-enabled in akka-http 10.1.0.

Is the doc I first linked to still accurate? Or does the “new client pool” that became default in 10.1.0 mean that discardEntityBytes is not needed to be called anymore? I run a service that is on akka-http 10.2.4 but it used to be on an older version and we have a lot of calls to discardEntityBytes and I’m trying to understand if I can drop those or if we need to keep adding them when we make calls with the client.

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