Dispatcher configuration for single cores

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Given a single core machine, do you have any recommendations for configuring the default dispatcher? I notice parallelism-min = 8 from the config, which I’m presuming will result in 8 threads being kept around at all times. With each thread consuming 256k of memory for its stack, and my app’s 126MiB of JVM heap, I’m looking at reasonable ways to reduce its footprint.

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Raspberry PI?

Oh no, much more constrained than a PI. :-) It is a Cisco router with a single core Atom processor and < 1GiB of RAM.

It’s right that you should set the min and max to a lower value than the default, perhaps 4?

I’d also try thread-pool-executor instead of default fjp, because it should use less cpu.

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Thanks! I’ll reduce it to 4 then and continue to profile. I’ve not seen any adverse CPU usage so far, but I’ll keep your recommendation of the TPE in mind.