Do Akka Support Lisp Framework Application

I am using Lisp Framework Application , Can i use Akka for Messages and Notification .
Do Akka have any documentation support for Integration with Lisp .

We don’t have any particular guide on using Akka with Lisp applications.

Akka typically runs on the JVM, and Clojure is a popular Lisp dialect for the JVM, so in theory it might make sense to bridge those two. I know there have been some projects in that area, but I have not looked into any of them.

Does that help?

Hello Akash, can you give some reference to this Lisp Framework Application you refer to?

Some link could help to best understand what you need, thanks


It could have been a typo and Lift was meant?
If so then I’m not aware of documentation (i.e. nothing we wrote), but I know there are people using this set of tools so maybe someone knows of a nice resource.

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