Does idleTimeout work in test case for websocket?

Hello! I am writing to find a real solution about idleTimeout.

These days, I am developing application server with play framework.

When I put an option of idleTimeout in application.conf or GuiceApplicationBuilder() like that below, A connection of websocket wasn’t closed after 2 secs.

 val app = new GuiceApplicationBuilder()
        .configure("play.server.http.idleTimeout" -> "2s")

Actually it waited for more times to set up. it was about 90 seconds. (maybe you already expected)

Although I knew that DevSettings or system properties maybe work, I think they aren’t things for unit tests.

I tested it with both and

webSocket.isOpen mustBe true
            webSocket.isOpen mustBe false

Is there anyone to know about it?

Thank you for reading.