Earliest Akka persistence Version

Hi there,

I am on AKKA 2.1.2 and want to use akka persistence. I see:


Is 2.5 the earliest version persistence exists (meaning i need to upgrade to 2.5 to take advantage of this functionality?)

Persistence was introduced in Akka 2.3 I believe. Akka 2.1 is very old. Documentation for all versions can be found here: https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/.

Please update to a maintained version of Akka. Continuing to use 2.1 is a very bad idea as it is ancient and would not (and has not0 have security and other fixes ported back to it (since it is EndOfLife since many years).

Please also do not mix versions of Akka – you can not pick a different version of akka actor than persistence etc, it is not supported to mix versions inside an app like that.