Easily scaffold a new service with sbt (Task)


Is there a way to simply invoke an SBT Task in the lagom project that can create the scaffolding of a new service for me, only providing the name of the service?

If not, it would be nice to enrich the lagon-sbt-plugin to include such a Task.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @arielf-camacho,

I think that the easiest way to achieve this is to use sbt-scaffolding. http://www.foundweekends.org/giter8/scaffolding.html

You don’t need to add it to the Lagom plugin. sbt-scaffolding will give you much more flexibility and you can build your own templates and tweak them the way you like.

I recommend you to the get your hands on sbt-scaffolding and try out on your project and if you have something that you believe can be useful to the community, you can contribute it to our templates: http://github.com/lagom/lagom-scala.g8 and http://github.com/lagom/lagom-java.g8



Hello Renato:

Thanks so much for the quick response. Sure, will do. Let see if like you said I can make something interesting out of that, and yes be sure I’ll share should it be the case.