Equivalence of Akka Ask


I’m trying to do the equivalence of an Akka Ask request/reply interaction in an Akka Serverless Action (javascript/typescript). The target of the command is an Event Sourced Entity. Is this possible and does anyone have a working example or some general help to share. The proto looks something likes this and compiles fine:

  rpc Ask(com.example.api.GetValueCommand) returns (com.example.api.MyResult) {


I just can’t seem to figure out how to write the command handler and how to get a reference to the target.

My thanks in advance

We haven’t released it yet, but we recently added support and docs for inter-service calls. It will look like this (when the next Javascript SDK version is released): akkaserverless-javascript-sdk/delegatingservice.js at main · lightbend/akkaserverless-javascript-sdk · GitHub

Thanks, great!

I just realised I can just use any http or grpc client in the action to solve my use case for now.

Yeah, what we have added is just convenience client apis and docs, so using an arbitrary client that should work fine as well.