Error configuring assets in PlayFramework 2.8.x

I’m hitting an error when trying to configure assets per
Assets Overview - 2.8.x, as described in the Using assets with configuration section.

Per the documentation I added the following to application.conf (I’m guessing that application.conf is the right file for this):

play.assets {
path = “/public”
urlPrefix = “/assets”

And per the documentation, added this to the routes file:

GET /assets/*file

When I run the application, I get the following compilation error:
Using different overloaded methods is not allowed. If you are using a single method in combination with default parameters, make sure you declare them all explicitly.

Any specific suggestion on how to fix this? Also, any good example projects showing how this is used?

I haven’t play.assets in my application.conf. To use JS, CSS and images stored in the public folder I’ve the following route:

GET     /assets/*file               controllers.Assets.versioned(path="/public", file: Asset)

morellik, thanks again. That did compile.