Error invoking method "customer.api.CustomerService/Create"

Hi, i’m trying out Akka Serverless and following the instructions here Quickstarts :: Akka Serverless Documentation for the Scala customer-registry example.

I’ve downloaded the example and run docker compose up in one window and sbt run in another and everything starts up and connects correctly. However, when i hit the endpoint to create a customer with grpcurl i get:

(base) ➜ ~ grpcurl -plaintext -d ‘{
“customer_id”: “xxx”,
“email”: “xxx”,
“name”: “xxx”,
“address”: {
“street”: “xxx”,
“city”: “xxx”
}’ localhost:8080 customer.api.CustomerService/Create
Error invoking method “customer.api.CustomerService/Create”: failed to query for service descriptor “customer.api.CustomerService”: server does not support the reflection API

I assume i’m doing something dumb here but not sure what it is?

Thanks for any help you can give here - i’m running on Java 11 and 17 and getting same results - everything else is straight out of the box.


That 8080 indicates to me that you’re trying to hit the user function directly and not the proxy. Try 9000 instead.

oh good grief, thank you, something dumb indeed!