Error using Akka Serverless CLI for GitHub Actions

I am trying to automate my CI/CD workflow from GitHub to Akka Serverless using GitHub Actions.

To accomplish this, I am using “Akka Serverless CLI for GitHub Actions” from GitHub Marketplace akkasls · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub.

I have created a refresh token and located my project ID as per these instructions Integrating with CI/CD :: Akka Serverless Documentation

I have added the refresh token and project ID as repository secrets with the following names in my GitHub repo:


I am accessing these secrets in my GitHub Action as follows:

- name: List Services
  uses: retgits/akkasls-action@v1
    cmd: "services list"
  token: ${{ secrets.AKKASLS_TOKEN }}
  project: ${{ secrets.AKKASLS_PROJECT_ID }}

My workflow run fails at the Akka Serverless action step with the following error:

docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:380: starting container process caused: exec: "./": stat ./ no such file or directory: unknown.

The full log of a recent workflow run that failed can be seen here Use Marketplace Action by beritou · Pull Request #9 · beritou/CICD-with-akka-serverless · GitHub

Can you try with retgits/akkasls-action@v2? There was a small bug in v1 that under certain conditions threw this error.

Here’s a link to a forked repo with that action Update node.js.yml · retgits/CICD-with-akka-serverless@e89e110 · GitHub

Got it working with retgits/akkasls-action@v2.

I have succeeded in setting up continuous integration and delivery to Akka Serverless. I have even parameterized the image tag based on the the GitHub release tag. GitHub - beritou/CICD-with-akka-serverless

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That’s a seriously cool demo!!