Error with setCommandHandler when importing the Hello World with Maven project into Eclipse

I followed the Create and running Hello World with Maven guide at: to create the Hello World project. It all runs and work fine from the command line.

I then followed the Importing an existing Maven project into Eclipse guide at: to import the project into my Eclipse IDE. (version: Oxygen.3a Release (4.7.3a) with a M2Eclipse release version 1.7.0 plugin and Java version is 1.8.0_171

The project and subprojects were all imported into Eclipse and compiled/run successfully from the parent project, by using ‘clean install’ and ‘lagom:runAll’ as the maven goals.

I, however, noticed in the ‘hello-impl’ subproject, that the file shows the following error in Eclipse:

“The method setCommandHandler(Class<A>, BiFunction<A,PersistentEntity<Command,Event,State>.CommandContext<R>,PersistentEntity<Command,Event,State>.Persist<? extends Event>>) in the type PersistentEntity.BehaviorBuilder is not applicable for the arguments (Class<HelloCommand.UseGreetingMessage>, (<no type> cmd, <no type> ctx) -> {})”

If I change the lagom version back to 1.4.4 from 1.4.5 in the parent pom file, the error disappears and all works as expected.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

I think that this is related to that issue:

The fix is merged in master and will be release in 1.4.7.