Exception Handling

Hello everyone,
I’ve been writing my web app using Play 2.7, and most of it was an awesome experience, I have a question about Exception handling though.

I have a Repository method that returns a CompletionStage<List> if everything went fine but also might throw an unchecked exception, for example an IllegalArgumentException.

From the Controller I call this Repository method, and chain it with a .exceptionally() to handle those exceptions. I noticed that this .exceptionally() method doesn’t get called, and a red page with the stacktrace is displayed in the web browser as if that exception wasn’t being handled.

Is this normal? Should I override https://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.8.x/JavaErrorHandling in some way? I thought that the point of it was to return custom messages for unhandled exceptions, not that it’d take precedente over handled ones.

Thank you and happy vday!