Files with groovy templates are created in project root directory - play 1.6.0

play 1.6.0
java 1.8

Same issue is created on github The temporary class of the template is output directly under the application dir. · Issue #1354 · playframework/play1 · GitHub

After start of our appllication, groovy creates template files uder root directory.

Temporary solution is to set during start of aplication, so this files are stored in tmp directory.
In our project, we set this directory in job annotated with @OnApplicationStart. Problem with this approach is that in “play precompile” mode jobs are not executed, so this varaible is not set as expected.

This problem occurs only in play 1.6.0 and is most likely related to the update of groovy in this version.
In previous versions this files were not created at all.

Does anyone know any working solution ?