Follow-up to "Issue: Akka HTTP client sends absolute URI in Request-Line"

I’m attempting to implement HTTP Digest Auth, but I’m running into with a simple Http().singleRequest(...) example.

As the request line seems to be taken into account (and handled differently!) across different digest auth implementations, I’m finding it difficult to get a high level of coverage given my implementation.

My current suspicion is that if I were able to transform akka-http’s

GET http://localhost:8080/file.txt HTTP/1.1 
Host: localhost:8080 

to just be

GET /file.txt HTTP/1.1 
Host: localhost:8080 

I’d start seeing a higher rate of success. Is there some configuration option that I’m not familiar with to control this behaviour? It seems as though the tree of PRs referenced from the aforementioned issue have all been merged years ago, but this still seems esoteric enough that it wouldn’t be immediately searchable.

Any pointers here would be greatly appreciated.

Apparently having a fully qualified URI in Request-Line does not impact RFC 2617, I had a different bug elsewhere.

This is no longer an issue for me at this time.