Form template helpers '_error -> "Force an error"


I am unable to generate a test error, per the Form template helpers documentation only available in Java for 2.6

      '_label -> "",
          '_showConstraints -> true,
      'placeholder -> "",
      'type -> "email",
      'class -> "form-control",
      '_error -> "Force an error",
      '_showErrors -> true

Am I doing something wrong?

Let me know,


Hey @AlbaroPereyra,

It was unclear to me what you are trying to do and what is the problem. Are you trying to write a test for your forms? If so, is it a unit test or an acceptance test? Can you share the code and clarify what you are seeing and what you are expecting to see?


To my understanding the following property
'_error -> “Force an error”

Is suppose to force an error per the following guide:

This default field constructor supports additional options you can pass in the input helper arguments:

'_label -> "Custom label"
'_id -> "idForTheTopDlElement"
'_help -> "Custom help"
'_showConstraints -> false
'_error -> "Force an error"
'_showErrors -> false


I am trying to see fake error in the form.

@AlbaroPereyra is right. The '_error param doesn’t do what it is supposed to do: It does not handle a string.

However, looking at the code:

what it does handle is Some(formErrorObject) meaning you can right now write

'_error -> Some(FormError("foo", "Force an error"))

to force an error.

I opened a pull request to fix this:

If this gets merged you can finally write

'_error -> Some("Force an error")
// or
'_error -> "Force an error"

like the doc says.