General case type for Results.Status

I have a class I am trying to use to encapsulate the target for a Results.Unauthorized(...) call in an ActionRefiner

The current version of the class itself is roughly:

class UnauthorizedTarget @Inject() () {
  def raw: String = "Not logged in"

  def json: JsValue = Json.toJson(Map("status" -> "unauthorized"))

  def template: play.twirl.api.HtmlFormat.Appendable = views.html.index()

  def apply() = template

used in the following manner

      if (x) {
        new SkeletonKeyRequest(Option(cookie.value), request)
      } else {

I’m trying to figure out a good way to generalize this as all three options are valid for Results.Status.apply() but there may be some type inference that is over my head. Is there a clean way to define a trait similar to:

trait RefinementTarget () {
  def raw: String  

  def json: JsValue 

  def template: play.twirl.api.HtmlFormat.Appendable

  def apply(): X  // implementer's choice

Where the apply method can be one of the other three methods defined during implementation?