Get aware of a resumed typed actor

Classic actors allow parents to get aware of failed childs (e. g. in the OneForOneStrategy). With typed actors parents get only aware of a failed child, if the strategy is “stop” (by ChildFailed Signal). At least, a failing typed actor gets aware of its failure in case the strategy is “restart” (by PreRestart Signal), even it is not informed about the cause of its failure. What about the “resume” supervisor strategy?

Is there a way for a parent, child or any other user actor to get aware that a failed typed actor has been resumed along with the information which actor has been resumed and the exception that caused the failure?

Supervision for typed actors does not involve communication with the parent like it does in classic, it is opaque to the parent if a child is restarting.

If you want to observe/manage the children manually from their parent actor you can instead do that by not using supervision and instead watch the child as soon as it is spawned.

When a typed child stops because of an unsupervised failure, and is watched by the parent, the parent will get the specific Terminated message subtype ChildFailed which contains the cause as well as which child it came from.

For a supervised child, you could potentially have it react on the PreRestart signal, and send a message to its parent when that happens. However the actor would have to keep track of what exception it threw throw itself, that is not part of the PreRestart message.