Getting weird akka related status interfere in my Kamon metric counter

Im using Kamon to collect my metrics and Datadog to present them.

in my playframework app I just added counters for some status, like this:

Kamon.metrics.counter("status-counter", tags = Map("status" -> ActionStatus.InProgress.toString)).increment()

Kamon.metrics.counter("status-counter", tags = Map("status" -> ActionStatus.Done.toString)).increment()

then in Datadog I added this counter and it works fine, I see all the statuses, but there is another one which is some directory path which I dont understand where it came from…

It looks like this:

does anyone can maybe explain me where is it coming from?

Looks like the path to the actor running a stream.

Maybe better chance to get help asking Kamon support though?

you right, it seems like it, i wrote them a message. its just that they use akka also inside so I thought it also can have something to do with it and maybe someone saw it before. never happened to me, and I use it quite often…