Google cloud SQL connection


For our current project I would need to connect towards a database hosted in our Google Cloud (Google cloud SQL) environment.
There are several ways to connect to this database, either via Google SQL proxy or via an IP address and regular authentication (requires to add the allowed the IP address(es) in Cloud SQL’s whitelist).

I would prefer to use the SQL proxy instance if possible(ease of use).
I can also include a whitelist of Ip-addresses on google cloud SQL but for that i would need to be able to know which ip addresses/address-range that the akka sls services are using, is there a way to retrieve this information with either the akka sls CLI or via the dashboard?

As an extra question. For Google cloud specific, will there be a way to either couple the Akka SLS environment to an existing environment on our end or have Akka SLS hosted in an existing project on our end?

This could provide a solution for the issue with Cloud SQL if we could then deploy an instance of Google SQL proxy ourselves inside the Serverless cluster