Help Me! How to use Akka in Intelij?

Hello everybody.
I’m a beginner programmer that start Scala. I want to use AKKA but when type import… (in Intelij 2018 Community Edition) I see this error: “cannot resolve symbol AKKA”. I know this is a simple question but i can’t solve it. please help me. I know very little about java. please explain to me step by step how to solve this problem. thank you very much
best regards

Give this a try:

I think that Quickstart guide has some instructions for Intellij

Hi dear Patrik!
Thank you for attention and your comment.
I tried this and when I want to run first project (hello world), confront this error. I think some features must be installed in order to use AKKA toolkit but I don’t know what is that. Would you please help me?

I think the only thing needed is the Scala plugin.