How about assigning a date and time to each "event" as well as "kafka events" in an event sourced system?

Won’t it be considered a good practice to assign a date/time to each “event” as well as “kafka events” in an event sourced system? That way not only would we have an ordered sequence of such events but also an info about when was that event created in the system?

I presume it could be on a use case basis but won’t most of the use cases require such a thing in place sooner or later?

Please suggest. TIA.

This already happen in Lagom. Inside the Cassandra you can see the right moment that the event is created and in Kafka you can access the metadata to see when the event gets there. If you want to send to Kafka the moment of event’s creation then you can get this information in Cassandra on the moment of the event ill be emitted to Kafka