How to access akka persistence recovery from lagom PersistentEntity?

I’d like to reconstruct the state() of a PersistentEntity up to a point in the event stream.

Is there an elegant way of doing that?

You can’t do it out of the box. This is actually something that should be done on the read-side. Usually, the state of an entity should only be used to validate the next command.

Do you need to do it ad-hoc? Otherwise, I would suggest a read-side processor where you create different views that are build up to a given point in time.

If you really need to do it ad-hoc, you can go one level deeper and use akka-persistence-query API directly. You can ask for the events for a given PersistentActor ID. You will get a Source[Event] that you can consume. You can then use the same event handlers you defined for you PersistentEntity.