How to add the forums to the mobile app?

(Tim Moore) #1
  1. Download the Discourse mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play (Android)

  2. Open the app, and click the “+” button to add a new Discourse site.

  3. Enter “”’

    Note: do not use one of the project specific URLs (,, or These have been set up to redirect to, but the mobile app does not follow the redirect correctly and reports an error like “ was not found!” or “Sorry, does not support mobile APIs”.

  4. Click “connect” and you will be prompted to log in or create an account

    Note: if you have enabled two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Discourse account, you must log in using your username and password. Logging in with GitHub is not compatible with 2FA in Discourse.

(Konrad `ktoso` Malawski) #2

(Konrad `ktoso` Malawski) #3